Warning! Not for sensitive viewers! This film contains explicit images of- and dialogue dealing with death and suicide. Also contains explicit nudity.


'The lives of several solitary individuals become entwined through the death of a stranger.'

The reclusive monk Tristan is witness to the death of a young woman in the forest where he lives. Her death has a
big influence on his mental state and exposes his loneliness. He decides to give the deceased woman back to
nature by laying her body in the river; his way of saying goodbye to her. This will have profound consequences for
himself and the people who live further along the river.

(Dutch and French, with English subtitles)

Starring: Mischa van der Klei, Samira Bazouz, Frank Nendels, Gwen Albers, Richard Smolenaers and Bernardus Manders

Written en directed by Michael Kolenbrander
Camera by Mike Rutten and Mark Handels
Music by Roy Bemelmans, Frederic Epe and Michel Epe
Light by Michel 'Mick' Huijs
Sound by Raiko van Schaik and Milan Gijzen
Produced by Zuiderlingen Films

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